Educational Partners

Activities and Competitions

The demands of modern life are such that a parent needs to make sure that his child undergoes holistic development and every aspect of his or her development is taken care of. Keeping these considerations in mind, Mindtree has built a vast array of activities in its curriculum itself. These activities range from sports to competitions to outings, covering the whole spectrum.

Inter house activities

As an extension of the house system followed at Mindtree, we have a host of house-wise activities scheduled for the student's throughout the year. These activities aim at enhancing confidence level and team play. Care is taken that new faces appear each time in order to maximize the exposure rather than keeping it limited to the best. Students from Grade 4 to 9, compete against others on behalf of their school houses in events as diverse as dance, sport, marching and public speaking. This competition encourages a healthy, friendly rivalry between all four houses and fosters a sense of pride in individual students as they increasingly identify with and support the other members of their House.

Club activities

To nurture special talent in students, they are encouraged to join clubs (any of a large number of special activity clubs) like - Yoga, Karate, Athletics, Cricket, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Art & Craft, Modern Dance, Vocal Music, Performing Arts, Explorations, Literacy Mission, Environment, Interact Club etc. Students have the option to choose any activity. The students engage themselves in the chosen activity throughout one term. Each activity club is run as per a yearly plan and fixed objective.

Educational and Recreational Outings

Picnics, excursions, study jaunts, and educational tours are regularly structured for the students of Mindtree. Such informal events and outings introduce the Mindtreeans to a multi-faceted life outside the school. Picnics and excursions to places of historical interest and trips to hill stations provide direct exposure that complements what is taught in the classroom