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House system at Mindtree

The concept of School Houses is an integral part of a Mind Tree life. Akin to the four elements of Nature that sustain life, the entire school community is divided into four Houses-

Agni (Fire)- The sacred fire which purifies everything which comes in its contact.

Akash (Air)- The vast blue sky believed to be the abode of God.

Jal (Water)- One of the most vital gifts of Mother Nature for all living creatures and vegetation.

Prithvi (Earth)- The base of all the creations of Almighty God

The School Houses fill each student with a sense of belonging and create conducive opportunities for the holistic development of each student. House mentors and their team of assistant house mentors and tutors monitor and guide the houses at regular intervals. House meetings are convened to address the concerns and challenges of students and to initiate strategies to help students. Various inter House activities are organized to build up team spirit, to foster a spirit of leadership, Co-operation, mutual understanding tolerance and self-reliance. Students are regularly guided in the fields of discipline, punctuality, mutual assistance, proper attire, code of conduct and adherence to school rules.